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Deviant Yellow & Red Dreamcatcher

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Our Dreamcatchers are UNIQUE in every way. We make every Dreamcatcher with a thought of creating something new in a way that Dreamcatcher Lovers just get connected to our work and to us.

Although today a dreamcatcher holds more of a 'beautiful' and 'decorative' place in our homes, it still has the mysteriousness and mythical note that makes it very alluring. Te meticulousness in making it adds to their aura. It is this mythical yet contemporary look that we need to project in the insignia. One look and it should make the viewer relate to dreamcatchers and the craftsmanship that is unique every time.

The fact that it is handmade is what we have captured in the styling and in the use of bright and contrasting colors along with a free-flowy, breezy style to the typography adding balance and rhythm to the concept.

Dimensions:  Width- 12 inches; Length- 36 inches



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