Our Story!!!

Why Handmade?

Hand made is pure love. If the maker of a product is not in love with what he or she does then there can never be a handmade product with perfection. An artist has a different level of commitment, patience and passion to make what he or she makes. Making handmade is completely a tedious process that has to be complemented with right sense of designing, color combinations, materials to be used, patterns, experimentation and obviously practice. An artist spent years of experience into making that one special and unique piece for you that is undoubtedly going to be one of it’s kind.

Choosing art over a stable job is a decision an artist makes to pay the bills - is another challenge that an artist goes through. However, the unending passion determines the commitment and extraordinary creations emerge everyday.

Finely crafted handmade products have plenty of detailed work and perfection lies in the details of a product. Anusha Bhadauria – The dreamcatcher Artist does not believe in mass-producing of same designs. Everyday we strive to create new and exclusively designed dreamcatchers.

At Utopian Craftsmen – You are directly connecting with the artist and it is definitely an experience of buying a product as your choices are personally taken care by the maker of the product. Each of our Dreamcatcher is unique and one of it’s kind. There are not two dreamcatchers that are same and that makes every piece a special object.

Our Dreamcatchers obviously are 100% handmade and that is nothing but PURE LOVE. The process of designing every dreamcatcher starts with selecting the right material. Finding and integrating the right material together is another challenge that an Artist works on. Rings, threads, beads and feathers are basic materials that are used to make a dreamcatcher. We work hard on finding right material or getting them manufactured in order to create that one perfect piece for our clients.

You are not only buying a Dreamcatcher from us, you are buying hours of hard work and a lot of love that is put into making that object.

 We would love to be connected with our clients and audience who love our work and your suggestions are welcome.

Please email us on anusha@utopiancraftsmen.com and send your views to us.





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