What is a Dreamcatcher?

Dreamcatcher Legend - Ojibwe people (Also known as Chippewa) believe that night air brings both good and bad dreams. A Dreamcatcher when hung above the bed where an individual sleeps - the free flowing dreamcather catches the dreams that are moving around. They believe that the good dreams know their way and find the sleeping individual through the feathers however the bad dreams get lost in the web and they are destroyed at the fist sunlight touches the dreamcatcher. 

Although, Ojibwe were the first ones to start using dreamcatchers, eventually plenty of other cultures adopted the dreamcatchers. Every Dreamcatcher's design may differ however the underlying meaning and symbolism is universal and is carried across cultures and language barriers. 

So next time you see a Dreamcatcher - remember that this is just not a handmade craft but it has got a lot of history and legend behind it. The more you will know about it - the more you would want to know more and I am sure you will fall in love with these more. :)

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